Are you ready for dōTERRA Essential Oils?

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What is the best way to buy?
With dōTERRA you have the option to buy at retail or wholesale prices. Since the wholesale price is 25% off the retail price, that's definitely the best way to go, but if you prefer not to open a wholesale account, which costs $30 for the year (free with kits), then you can purchase your products at the retail price!
Are you ready to change your life using dōTERRA Essential Oils?
When you join with us, we help you to learn how to use your new essential oils so that you feel confident using them on a daily basis. We will be with you all the way on your dōTERRA journey and we provide everything you need, from:


How to order dōTERRA Essential Oils
If you would like to talk to a human before buying your dōTERRA essential oils, please call me on 0413 255 192 to discuss your essential oil needs. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know each other.

If you’re ready to take a leap to start your natural wellness journey today, then follow these steps:


Choose your starter dōTERRA essential oil kit

These are the best way to start and are subsidised to save you even more than the 25% off retail prices. They also include the membership fee of $30. The kits are different for Australia, New Zealand, UK or USA. Contact me if you are in a country other than Australia.

Starter Kits

Step 2

Order at our online shop

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Select your “Preferred Language” and “Country of Residence“

Select “Local (OTG) Order” to place an order in Australian Dollars from an Australian Warehouse.

Select “Wholesale Customer” to access 25% off all products (note: there is no monthly spend required AND no requirement to on-sell)

Complete your personal, shipping and contact information. At the enroller ID, check that it shows my number, and if not, enter: 201171 then click “verify” to see “Val Leighton and Daryl Trembath” pop up.

Create a password to use to log into your account in the future.

Select the enrolment starter kit you want.

Review your order and enter your credit card details, then process your order.

Click here to enter my secure shop

Step 3

Welcome to our family

Your oils will arrive to your postal address in a purple package that you will come to recognise as dōTERRA happy mail.

You will receive an email from dōTERRA with your ID and Password information. We follow up that email with one from myself to personally welcome you and to gift you your 25% discount code to use in our our online store. Remember, you can contact me anytime. I am here for you!

Book in your one on one wellness consultation. We can do them face to face, over the phone or via skype. It’s is your free time to ask questions, learn on a personal level how to use your essential oils, make blends, receive your iTOVI scan report, etc.

Buy your resources from us using your 25% discount code (this may take up to 24 hours to be active, so if your waiting to buy ASAP, please email us and we will activate it sooner.

Come find our closed/private group on Facebook, Essential Elements, you may have to friend Val Leighton first.

Come learn about essential oils by attending as many workshops and classes as you like, or even book in to host your own workshop in the privacy of your own home (don’t worry, we do it for you!).

Welcome. Information to get you started