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Earthgifts Trust trading as Earthgifts Pty Ltd is a family based business supplying products suitable for essential oils. We supply books on essential oils, sample bottles, roller bottles, cases, bags, massage tables .......

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Some of the products we retail. We do not have stocks of everything all the time, so come back and have another look if we do not have what you need, or send us a message and we will find it for you.
Sample Bottles. Roll-on Bottles.

Bottles, bottles and more bottles. Small sample bottles, roll-on bottles of all sizes and carry bags, cases and a whole lot more.

Diffusers. Books.

We supply a range of electronic aroma diffusers. We have some with rechargeable batteries and others with a 240v cord. We have a range of essential oil books.

Massage Tables.

Massage tables of widths 55cm, 70cm and 75cm. All tables have extra foam padding, aluminium frame and legs and can carry 250kg.

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This E-book gives you uses for the dōTERRA Introduction Kit of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils, over 7 days.

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